We sell quality Nicaraguan products including cacao, coffee, and honey in national and international markets. We work with approximately 1,200 producers organized into 6 cooperatives in the the northern highlands of Nicaragua as well as the Caribbean Coast that produce conventional as well as Organic and UTZ certified products.

These cooperatives work with an internal feedback model to allow producers to share experiences and refine their practices. Artesanos Nicaragua uses this existing structure to share information about market demands and current research so that farmers can improve their products to meet market standards.



We work with cooperatives, associations, and independent farmers to improve the quality of their products through training and access to information. We have a professional cupping and cacao tasting lab, not only for our own quality control, but also as a source of independent evaluation for farmers.

By increasing farmers’ knowledge of international market requirements and standards, farmers not only gain more bargaining power, but also their products gain more visibility and prestige internationally.



Our chocolate, Mulukakao, is sold in Nicaragua and abroad. The mission of Mulukakao is to provide high-quality Nicaraguan products that can be enjoyed by all. We aim promote and reinforce not just the production of cacao, but also the culture of chocolate in Nicaragua.



We believe that the best way to learn about our products is coming to see them for yourself. We facilitate the interaction between farmers and consumers through origin trips and educational workshops, allowing visitors to personally meet those who produce the products they consume and learn about every step of the supply chain. We arrange visits to farms, cooperatives, and associations for buyers who want to understand the production process for the products they buy. We also arrange trips for the average coffee or chocolate lover who simply wants to learn more about the products they consume every day.



Finca Paraiso was established by the Montoya Family in 1980. Since then, three generations have worked to make it one of the most diverse and environmentally friendly farms in the region.

Mulukuku, the region where Finca Paraiso is located, is currently a cattle-farming area, with devastating affects on the environment. Since the beginnings of Finca Paraiso, the goal has been to maintain the natural biodiversity of the region, restoring the natural rainforests that had been destroyed over many years. Finca Paraiso employs environmentally-friendly cattle farming practices that have allowed the forests to recover, and today 70% of the property is restored rainforest.

Today, all the economic activity of the farm accommodates this original vision. Finca Paraiso produces not only cattle, but also cacao, coffee, plantains, and many fruits- all 100% organic. The farm also has managed forests of teak wood and bamboo, as well as managed water reserves that are now the home of a wide diversity of migratory birds, reptiles, fish, and many other native species. In short, this lived experience over many generations has given us the knowledge and skills needed to work with other Nicaraguan producers to market our high quality products.