Who We Are

We are Nicaraguan company that connects farmers to consumers, valuing each aspect of the supply chain through fair and direct trade.

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Our Model

We recognize the value of the skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation in Nicaraguan families. That’s why we support farmers, associations, and cooperatives that are organized around genetic improvement, disease control, environmental protection, access to financing and technical assistance, gender equality, passing on information from one generation the next, and most importantly, learning opportunities by farmers, for farmers.


Our Team

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Noel Montoya

Noel Montoya is the Executive Director and founder of Artesanos Nicaragua. Though Noel’s educational background is Social Work, he began working with UCLA Berkeley in the early 2000s, doing research into the fair trade movement, which led to become more and more involved in the world of cacao, coffee, and other agricultural products. Descended from a long line of coffee, cacao, and cattle farmers, Noel’s dream has always been to promote Nicaraguan products to consumers all over the world, a dream that is finally being realized in Artesanos Nicaragua. Noel has been the proprietor of Artesanos Café-Bar in Matagalpa since 2007.

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Anjie Price

Anjie is the Marketing Director for Artesanos Nicaragua. Anjie came to Nicaragua in 2008, and it has been her home ever since. Anjie is an English teacher by trade, but in the ten years she has lived in Nicaragua, she has learned more about coffee and cacao than she ever expected to know! She continues to learn more and more as she works to help Artesanos Nicaragua achieve its goal of bringing Nicaraguan products to new consumers.

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Lineth lopez

Lineth serves as Artesanos Nicaragua’s Rural Coordinator. Her journey into the world of cacao began in 2009, when she began working for the Nicaraguan Institute of Rural Development as a Program Specialist, focused on agriculture in general with an emphasis in cacao. Between 2011 and 2012, Lineth worked as a liaison between cacao cooperatives and government institutions, making great strides to connect farmers with the resources they needed through the National Cacao Program. From 2015 through 2018, Lyneth continued to build strong relationships with cacao farmers through the National Chamber of Cacao Farmers. She now brings her years of experience and the cooperatives she works with to her work with Artesanos Nicaragua, where she hopes to connect the farmers of these cooperatives to specialized markets through fair and direct trade.

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enrique Montoya

Enrique is the Financial Manager of Artesanos Nicaragua. He holds degree in Business Administration and runs his own family farm in Matagalpa. Enrique traveled abroad before beginning his career, which has given him a knowledge of multicultural contexts and diverse perspectives. He has also dedicates a large portion of his time and studies to documenting and understanding financial markets. This, combined with his knowledge and experience from running his own farm, makes Enrique particularly adept at helping us promote Nicaraguan products in an international market, while always maintaining our vision of sustainable development.

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maryam collado

Maryam serves as Artesanos Nicaragua’s Legal Advisor. Maryam has been a lawyer for 15 years, during which time he has served in both the private and public sector, handling both civil and penal cases. He worked for many years for the Nicaraguan Office of Human Rights Ombudsman. Maryam is a native of Managua, but a transplant to Matagalpa, where he has fallen in love with the work of Artesanos Nicaragua.


Our Partners